I gave in. The peer pressure was too much to handle. Everyone else is doing it, why not me, right? What can I say...I crumbled.

I am attempting a 365 blog. I will probably do it on Flickr too, since I will already have the pictures and everyone on THERE is doing one too. So I am dubbing my 365 Flogr. Dont strain yourself thinking to make sense of how I came up with that. I really dont know either.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I dont know if this is really a BATTLE, more of an annoyance?

Guess who came to visit me today...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Battle #2: Toys in stores that AREN'T TOY STORES...

My friend and I went to Old Navy today. I had to return a shirt (which, of course, I forgot in the car and was too lazy to drag the kids back out with me to get the bag) and wanted to look at a few more shirts.

We were in line, innocently waiting to be checked out. Then I see it...RIGHT THERE, right on the level of a child in their shopping cart, was a basket of stuffed animals. These Old Navy guys are sneaky. Placing these lovable, incredibly cute, knit, plush stuffed animals, who offer nothing but love and affection to your children, right in the reach of their little, greasy, grabby hands.

And you know what happens when you give a kid a toy...

Meet our newest friend...Pinky the Hippo...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 1/365

So I am sitting here trying to decide what the heck I am going to take pictures of for the next year. I know I don't want to do a self portrait one. (at least not exclusively self portraits) and I already take a lot of pictures of my kids (even though I am sure you will see a lot of those too in the coming months)

So I thought I would do a weekly "theme" or sorts. Keep it interesting, make it a challenge, right?

Well, this weeks theme is battles. What I battle on a day to day basis. And todays battle

TOYS (cue haunting music)

My bruised feet and stubbed toes cant even begin to tell you the agony that goes on in this battle. My kids like to dump out their toys..well..everywhere, as Im sure most do. They have baskets that we use at toy boxes, and these baskets are FANTASTIC for tipping over and spreading ALL the toys, big and small, ALL around the living room/kitchen/bathroom?hallway floor.

I have learned to make sure they are allllll picked up at the end of the day, but inevitable one will be missed, and my foot seems to be a magnet for these runaway, forgotten toys.